Are You Calm In The Storm?

Are You Calm in The Storm?  

Have you ever noticed that storms are exciting when you know they are coming but if one catches you off guard it is an almost entirely different experience?  I remember thinking this one-day as I walked in the woods and saw storm clouds coming.  I knew this one was approaching and wanted to watch it.  I was anxiously awaiting the claps of thunder and flashes of lightening.  It was exciting to me to see the cumulonimbus clouds get bigger and blacker.  I was prepared for this storm and because of that it seemed different than if I were caught off guard.

The exact opposite experience took place on the ocean one day when we were unwittingly under a small craft advisory and the 6-8 foot swells were swamping our extremely small boat.  I remember thinking I was going to die and trying to ascertain the best way to jump if the boat began to capsize.  “Okay, if the bubbles go up I swim that way to the surface,” these were things that flashed through my mind during this unexpected storm.  Almost in a moment, Jesus made himself known to me as I was praying silently on the bow of the boat and reminded me to focus on him.

How many times do we let the storms of life take control when Jesus has full power and authority to calm the wind and waves in our lives?  Although the waves didn’t get any smaller and our boat didn’t feel any more sea-worthy, I felt peace.  Once my focus shifted from the storm and my situation back to Jesus my whole outlook changed.  I was prepared once again to enjoy the storm and be excited for the adventure because Jesus was in full control.  This experience really made Mark 4:35-41 come alive to me.  Our focus needs to constantly be on Jesus.  Are you calm in the storm?


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