Are You Devoted To Destruction?

This morning while I was reading Joshua chapter 7 something leaped off the page and started to really make me think.  Joshua 7:12 in the second half of the verse says "...I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction."  I realize through previous scriptures in Deuteronomy and again repeated in the New Testament that the Lord will never leave me nor forsake me but this verse posed an interesting thought.  Do my actions really have consequences? The context of the verse involves the people of Israel coming out of the wilderness and claiming the promised land the Lord has given to them.  They have obeyed the commands and instructions of God and had victory in the land up to this point.  They go into battle and something goes wrong, they are forced to retreat and around 36 men are killed.  This is the result of one man's disobedience.  Achor disobeyed God by keeping some of the plunder of the land for himself and hiding it in his tent.  This caused the favor of God to leave the Israelites in battle and forced their retreat as well as the casualties.

How many times do we disobey God and create our own destruction by doing our own thing?  The sin of Ahcor affected his whole family as well as his community.  36 men died and he and his family were stoned and burned because of his disobedience.  This is obviously an extreme case but it makes the point that although we have grace thankfully now because of God sending his one and only son, Jesus Christ, into the world; we still need to be aware of our sins and disobedience because they have consequences.  We need to rid ourselves of the sins in our lives that lead to destruction.  Lord I pray we humble ourselves and admit when we are wrong and that by the blood of Jesus you forgive us of the many sins we commit against you.  Are you devoted to destruction?


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