Are you full of bugs?

Are you full of bugs? Recently while walking near a trail in the woods I kicked open a rotting pine log to see if anyone was living inside.  Much to my surprise I found tons of termites, it was absolutely teeming with the little guys!  In that moment I had the thought that just as this tree had to die for these termites to have life we too must die to ourselves so that Christ can be fully alive inside of us.  A tree has to either be sick or dead for termites to really infest it like this and it makes sense even in the spiritual because we must first be aware that we are sick with our own sin and then die to it before Christ can truly infest our core.  Just like the termites made a dead tree teem with life on the inside, Christ can make a dead human alive with his redemptive grace.  Are you willing to lay down your life so that Christ can live in you?  Are you full of Bugs?

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