An Alien Crash Landed On Halloween!

What would happen if an alien crash landed on halloween of all days?  That's exactly what my children's book "The Halloween Traveler" is about.  A friendly alien crashes his space ship on halloween and he makes friends with all types of things along his journey.  It's now available on Amazon and Amazon CreateSpace.  Check it out HERE Cover

The Wonder Of It All is new and improved

My children's book "The Wonder Of It All" is now available on Amazon and Amazon Create space for you to purchase online.  It has been reformatted and is now 8.5 x 8.5 inches as opposed to the original smaller 7 x 9 inch version.  The quality of this version is truly amazing.  This cute little books shows us that the world around us is amazing and it's eagerly waiting for us to explore the wonder of it all.  You can order it HERE Front Cover

Who Is Todd The Toad?

Who Is Todd The Toad?

Back in 2012 I wrote a children's book called "The Not So Ordinary Journey Of Todd The Toad" about a poor albino toad how gets bullied by everyone around him because he looks so different.  October is Bullying Awareness month and I'm proud to say that for once my timing isn't too bad.  I have reformatted this cute little book and made it available on Amazon, Kindle, and Amazon Createspace so ordering it is easier than ever.  If you know someone who could use some encouragement or you have a young reader who likes animals and a great story then I highly suggest you check out Todd and his journey!

Click HERE to order.

Todd The Toad Reformat 8.5 Cover

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The Wonder Of It All

BookStaticPage "The Wonder Of It All" releases officially on January 15, 2014 and we will be having a book signing January 17, from 4-6 pm at the Walburg Emporium and Coffee Shop in Walburg NC.  The books will be $13 each online (which covers shipping and handling) and they will be $10 each in person once they are released.  If you would like to Pre-Order you can click HERE and as a gift for purchasing you will receive a free digital download of the book as well in .PDF form.

Great Children's E-Books Available

Do you read E-books on Kindle or the free Kindle app on your Ipad or computer?  If so, download all 3 of my books!  Just Click HERE or just click the individual pictures below to be linked directly to the Amazon store.   


Are you living on an antiquated faith?

Are you living on an antiquated faith? Aside from animals, I have a growing passion for antique books.  I don’t really ever do much more than flip through them but I’m somewhat of a book nerd.  I love the way the look, smell and feel.  I just love old books.  I really like old religion or science books as you can probably imagine.  My wife and I stopped into an old used bookstore somewhere in Virginia on our way to visit friends in Virginia Beach a few years ago.

Amid the acrid smelling volumes of books seemingly strewn any which way, we discovered a small biology text book from the 1930’s.  I was even more excited to see that the price tag on the book was somewhere in the $2 range.  Definitely in my budget!  So as we were walking through the historic district of this small town I decided to flip through my “Dynamic Biology” textbook from almost 100 years ago and marveled at the beautifully drawn sketches and worn pages.  When we got home I put it on display on my bookshelf and didn’t think much of it until tonight when I got home.

I began to think about how if we don’t update our faith, if we don’t live from glory to glory as it says in 2 Corinthians 3:18 then we are only reflecting antiquated information to the world.  See the information in the old textbook I found is great but it’s not current.  If you were to look in the back of the book you will notice a glaring deficiency somewhere in the D section of its glossary.  There is no mention of DNA.  This volume of “Dynamic Biology” predates the discovery of the double helix structure by Watson and Crick and is thus antiquated for effective use.  How often are we merely living in the past and not updating our faith?  Are you living on an antiquated faith?

If you liked this devotional be sure to pick up a copy of "Whispers In The Woods" to have a collection of 52 similar devotionals for your spiritual growth and encouragement.  Click HERE to order a copy!

The Halloween Traveler

So Mikey Whitaker over at  and I have done it again.  We will be releasing our second children's book no later than October 1.  We are extremely excited to announce that "The Halloween Traveler" is right on schedule for Halloween and you will certainly enjoy this story.  The book is about a traveler from outer space who crash lands on Earth, on of all days, Halloween.  This book is great for young readers (1-5th grade) and will be fun to be read aloud to children not yet reading on their own.  Thank you guys so much for your support so far with "The Not So Ordinary Journey Of Todd The Toad," we have truly been amazed at the response from all of you!

Todd The Toad

Have you ever felt completely different from everyone else around you?  Have you ever been made the object of ridicule because of your differences?  Todd the Toad is a book about just that!  It follows the journey of a Toad named Todd who was born different. Todd gets bullied by his peers and this makes him feel really bad.  Todd decides to go on a journey to find happiness only to find out that his differences make everyone around him treat him badly.  Todd the toad has a hard time making friends.  I wonder if he will ever make friends?  Order your copy today and see how the story unfolds.  Click the picture OR "buy now" button to purchase your copy for $10 plus shipping.  This would be a great book for a young reader in the 2nd-6th grade range as well as a great book to read to your younger children.