Are You Putting Your Head In The Sand?

Are You Putting Your Head In The Sand?

There is a common misconception that ostriches hide their heads in the sand when threatened. This is simply a myth and it can be traced back as far as Pliny the Elder from the 1st century AD, around the same time that Jesus was on the Earth. In keeping with the mental image though, how many times does it appear that the Church seems to be merely putting her head in the sand and not truly engaging the threats or issues that arise? Do you feel that it’s easier to hide out in the Church rather than engaging culture in Jesus name? As a group of Christians are we known more for our love and compassion for our fellow man or are we possibly viewed in the same light as the ostrich with his head in the sand? How can we change that perception?

Ostrich,_mouth_openSince we as believers in Jesus are the physical representation on the Earth of our heavenly Father we could perhaps start following his teachings. In a true reflection of the glory of Christ we could begin with loving our neighbor as ourselves or treating others with love and compassion and gracefully sharing our faith. John 13:35 says By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” We have to begin by loving one another in the body of Christ and from that love and unity share our love with the world. We’ve got some work to do but I believe in Jesus name we can accomplish it together. Are you putting your head in the sand?


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Breaking Through

Breaking Through

Check out my wife singing "Breaking Through" Originally by Jeremy Riddle and Performed By Jessica Lake and the WSFirst Worship team.  She is amazing and I'm always blown away at how talented and heartfelt she is both as a worshipper and as a believer.  I aspire to one day have the faith my wife has.

Written by Jeremy Riddle © 2013 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP).

On The Outside Looking In

Have you ever felt like you were on the outside looking in?  That is just what this child in the picture below must have literally felt like while we were having a time of ministry and celebration in Costa Rica over the summer.  My heart broke for this little guy.  I pleaded with him in my best broken spanglish to come inside and that he was welcomed but he stood at a distance and never came inside.  Jesus wants our hearts to break for those lost sheep.

Jesus says in Matthew 18:12"What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?  Jesus is many times just waiting on you or I to come back inside so to speak, and to join in the celebration of His victory of sin, death and the grave.  How many times in our own hurt, anxiety and pride do we just scoff at the love of Christ and walk away to do our own thing?  Jesus loves you and wants fellowship with you, will you come inside?  

You’ve Got To Loose Sight To Find Your Vision.

You’ve got to loose sight to find your vision.

 Can I be candid with you?  I’m in tears right now.  I’m emotionally overwhelmed and I’m not sure how this one seemingly menial interaction with a kid in a pet store has me in tears.  I mean I can’t stop crying.  The reality is, for quite some time now; I’ve been just going through the motions of Christian ministry.  I’ve been showing up more to do a job and less to minister.  I’ve been like a vagrant with no home traveling from town to town doing my form of transient ministry so long that I’ve lost sight of why I even do what I do.  Tonight it smacked me in the face.

I’ve been so caught up in trying desperately (and often failing) to provide for my wife and I that more and more ministry has been treated less like something out of the overflow of joy and more of something that I begrudgingly HAVE to do because there aren’t any other open doors for me.  It seems like in some ways I’ve lost sight of why I entered the ministry in the first place.  I remember being in Bible College and devouring scripture, praying feverishly, relying so heavily on my faith in Jesus that despite my circumstance I had a peace that surpassed my understanding.  I assumed that once I graduated I would somehow feel fulfilled and validated and would truly “arrive.”

Well it’s now two years post graduation and I’ve managed to start my own ministry and still feel lost.  When did following God get so hard?  What have I allowed to get in the way of my relationship with my Father in heaven that has made me bitter, spiteful, entitled, and angry?  I know the Christian formula of reading my Bible, praying, fasting and serving.  Yet when I add all of that together it seems more of a chore and less of something life giving.  Why has my heart been so heavy in all the wrong ways?

Tonight in that pet store I was reminded like a punch in the face WHY I entered the ministry.  While my wife and I were talking and looking for a bird box for our pet squirrel a little boy with a big smile asked what kind of bird I had.  I honestly can’t tell you why that hit me so hard but it did.  I responded that I was looking for a house for my squirrel and asked him what kind of bird he was shopping for.  He gleefully said that he was getting a Quaker parrot and after a few more short concluding sentences, as I felt tears welling up, I walked down the aisle out of sight from my wife and the boy.  My eyes pooled with that warm saline some call tears, wow; it’s been a while. quaker parrot

There I was in the middle of a pet store on the reptile supply aisle crying like a baby and somehow pretending I could disguise it like I had allergies or some dust got in my eyes.  My voice was shaking, my eyes were watering and my heart was hurting.  I realized in that moment that I had lost sight of everything I wanted to be.  You see that boy, the one with the aspiration of getting the parrot, he reminded me that my heart for ministry, my sole reason for wanting to serve, is wrapped up in loving kids (of any age) that need to feel nurtured and loved.  Jesus calls us to love the least of these and real ministry is offering of your-self with no hope of reward in return.  I have missed this.  I could tell, in that way that you just know, that my new friend in the bird supply section came from a home that didn’t have much to offer in the way of finances.  Yet he was full of joy just at the anticipation of getting a new feathery friend.  He was preparing by getting his supplies and eager to tell me about it.  When was the last time I was truly excited about anything?  When was the last time I was truly content.  WOW.  God I’m sorry for my allowing my hurt and pain to get in the way of the vision you have given me.

Don’t get me wrong; I love doing what I do.  I love Catching Creation with my whole heart and know it’s what God has called me to do, but in this short moment tonight it seems that by loosing sight of it I found my vision.  Catching Creation isn’t Stan Lake traveling all over the country doing animal shows, although it’s a part of it.  Catching Creation isn’t just about my web show and DVD series or even my books, although they are pieces of the puzzle.  What God has called me to do is minister to kids, youth and families in an urban setting.  Loving those that may never get a chance to go to a zoo, or feel welcomed in a church.  My heart is to minister and love people that feel unworthy of being loved.  People that our society seems to scoff at but people that Jesus desperately wants us to love in His name.

I have no idea how, moving forward, I will be able to support my family with this ministry.  I put in an application at that pet store even though they aren’t hiring and who knows, maybe God will position me there as a light in the darkness to minister.  Maybe there’s some other job on the horizon that I haven’t even fathomed yet which will allow me to truly love people in the name of Jesus.  Catching Creation is who I am and what I was designed to do, but it’s so much bigger than what I’ve been doing lately.  My prayer is that God will open doors so that I can minister and do outreach again.  God continue to break me, continue to remind me of your love and Lord thank you for your grace.  Lord send me, allow me to seek first the kingdom because I know you will provide for my family as we serve you.  Lord please be with that little boy tonight and bless him, thank you for allowing him to minister to me and I pray we can be reminded of why we all serve you.

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Is Your Life A Mess?

Did you know that outside of Jesus your life is a mess?  The good news is that Jesus died to save us from sin and death.  How cool is that?  This illustration with my dog shows that grace, which really means unmerited favor, is something we didn’t earn by being good but something Jesus gives us freely as we accept him! SUBSCRIBE!

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Are You Prepared For A Nocturnal Thief?

If you’ve known me longer than 5 minutes and I were to ask you to guess my favorite animal you would probably say a frog or a snake.  You would be very close to the truth but those guys are a close second and third place to my ultimate favorite animal, the Raccoon.  Ever since I was a kid I have had a strange fascination with these masked bandits in the night.  I love their mischievous behavior and sneaky antics and most of all their intelligence.  If you’ve ever been camping someplace wilder than a suburban backyard you know that if food is left out in your camp you may be awakened by devious nocturnal thieves.  Raccoons love to invade a campsite and ravage anything left out if things aren’t properly stored.  

When I think of scriptures that parallel an animal or the activities of an animal it’s not a far stretch to think about the nature of Raccoons and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6.  This scripture says Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.  While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.   But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.  You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.  So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. 

As believers in Jesus Christ we shouldn’t worry about when the end will come nor shall we worry about the false security preached by so many false prophets of the day.  We just need to be adequately prepared by accepting Jesus Christ as our savior and living true to his word.  We know our security is in our Lord Jesus Christ and if we continue to live in the light of day we will not be surprised by a thief in the night.  We are not nocturnal creatures like my favorite animal buddy the raccoon happens to be.  So the things we do are done in the light in full view of the world.  Are you prepared for a nocturnal thief?


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Are You Lashing Out Like A Cornered Animal?

Are You Lashing Out Like A Cornered Animal?

One of my favorite activities is to study an animal and its ecosystem and try to locate and eventually capture said animal.  Often I will back an animal, like a snake or a rat, into a corner and if I don’t act quickly while trying to capture it I can find myself on the receiving end of angry teeth.  Biologically animals (and humans) are designed with a mechanism that enables them to react with either fight or flight.

When animals are put into a stressful situation that fight or flight mechanism takes over and they either flee or stay and address the aggressor.  I find myself being stressed out all too often and reacting out of a fight or flight mindset more than I would like to admit.  Psalm 55:22 says “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”  Next time you feel that surging of adrenaline that signifies the oncoming reaction to stress and you feel like fighting or fleeing from the situation remember that Jesus overcame the world and as you accept him you take on his righteousness (Romans 3:22).  So tell God about your problem and he won’t let you be shaken.  Are you lashing out like a cornered animal?


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Are You Wandering Around Like A Mangy Mutt?

Are you wandering around like a mangy mutt?


Today I got the opportunity to visit my grandmother in my hometown of Trinity, North Carolina.  After my visit was over I dropped off some mail in the small post office in town and as I was about to get out of my car to enter the tiny building something shaggy and reddish brown caught my eye.  I looked for a second and what appeared to be Chewbacca’s 2nd cousin was creeping towards me.  It was a mangy matted and dreadlocked stray dog.  I kept my eye on him trying to gauge whether he would be a friendly dog or some rabid beast that I should prepare to defend myself against.

I went into the post office and dropped off the letters I brought and when I came back to the parking lot the dog was still there.  As I got closer to the dog and knelt down I reached my hand out  prepared myself for a diseased bite but instead found myself petting an incredibly sweet and shy dog that just seemed to have lost it’s way.  I genuinely felt sad for this abandoned animal and I wish I could say that this story ended with me taking him home and rescuing him from the cold but I’m afraid my apartment zoo is at max capacity for animal life.

I stayed and nurtured the poor miserable dog for a few minutes and as I drove away I prayed that someone would come along and save the poor dog.  As I was driving I was reminded of Romans 7:24 where Paul says “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?”  This related perfectly to this stray dog.  On first appearances this animal simply looked wretched to put it in a word and if no one shows up to redeem him, sadly, I fear this animal may end up dying.

This relates to us in that before we accepted Christ we were looked on by God as wretched human beings, stray and malnourished wandering helplessly on earth with no hope for redemption but the good news is that Christ died for just that reason and he has offered us redemption in the form of his sacrifice on the cross.   Has Jesus Christ rescued you from your hapless wandering as a stray?  Are you wandering around like a mangy mutt?

dog stray

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Catching Creation @ Fort Caswell

I got the opportunity to speak at Southport Christian Academy, Shoreline Baptist Church and Southport Baptist Church in the Oak Island/Southport NC area on the coast. It was an awesome trip and lots of fun! Great school and churches! We got to visit Fort Caswell and several beaches, not a bad way to spend the weekend!

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Are You The Honey Or The Sting?

Are you the honey or the sting?


What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of bees?  I’m betting that beestings and that infamous scene from Tommy Boy pop in your head and then in a distant third place you may think of honey.  Ok so what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Christian?”  If I were to ask someone outside of church culture that question I’m betting some adjectives would include judgmental, narrow minded, and then maybe in a distant third place people may say something about love, maybe.  All to often people relate Christians to the sting created by our lack of love in practice.  If honey is the “fruit” produced by a beehive that is functioning normally then love should be the fruit produced by a church functioning normally.

Honey has been used as an antiseptic, an energy booster, a preservative and a tasty treat among other things.  Just like the sweetness of honey, the work of Jesus on the Cross and the love Christ endured to take on that task is as sweet as honey.  The love of Christ is the job of the Church to reflect into the world.  John 13:34-35 says  “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  Jesus isn’t suggesting or even politely asking us to love one another, he commands it.  So just as a beehive works in perfect unity, harmony and perhaps even love to produce honey, we as the church should do the same and love one another so that the world is drawn to our sweetness and not scared away by our sting.  Are you the honey or the sting?



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How Could A Loving God?

This week's Catching Creation update video is in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy and I wanted to share some thoughts on the event as well as the ever present question "How Could A Loving God..." I pray for peace for all of the families and a renewed strength to see the love of our heavenly father and the depravity of sin. I pray God gets the glory even in this horrific event and it only strengthens our faith in him. 

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Catching Creation Presentation @ Gospel Baptist

Catching Creation Presentation @ Gospel Baptist Church in Greensboro NC from September 2012.  The theme of their sermon series was "Stepping out to do what's right."  Awesome group of kids and amazing staff!

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Are You Being Led By A Leash?

Are you being led by a leash? When I walk my dog I have to put him on a leash.  It is not something I do to punish him but it’s actually to protect him from himself and other outside forces like cars and people.  If it were a perfect scenario, I would prefer him to walk beside me untethered and on occasion he is able to do so when there is sufficient room to roam and no urban hazards.   The same is true with God’s law.

God’s law isn’t here to punish us; in fact it’s quite the opposite.  God’s law gives us an awareness of our sinfulness (Romans 7) as well as the standard to which we are to strive to live up to (Romans 3).  God’s law operates like the leash I put on my dog.  Seeing that we are commanded not to murder, covet and etc we know that these things are wrong and they give us parameters to live up to.

We can’t use the law, however, to earn our salvation because our own righteousness is like filthy rags as said by the prophet Isaiah.  We are to wear the righteousness of Christ because he is the fulfillment of the law.  He is our righteousness and the freedom that we have and through his perfection. His sinlessness puts us in right standing with God as we accept him and humble ourselves to his lordship.

So just like when I use my authority to lead my dog by his leash I am doing so out of love for his wellbeing and safety because I see the dangers that he is oblivious to.  The same is true for our heavenly father.  He sees throughout history the things that cause humanity to stumble into sin and he lovingly gives us his holy law for us to abide by so that we can avoid those pitfalls.  The question is, can you trust God to lovingly lead you, even if he pulls your “leash” and steers you somewhere you in your shortsightedness don’t want to go?  Are you being led by a leash?


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Are You Hiding In The Garden?

Are You Hiding In The Garden?  

Have you ever done something so hideous that you just wanted to hide from everyone and everything, including God?  In the book of Genesis, chapter 3 to be specific, Adam and Eve did that very thing.  They were instructed not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil but after a crafty deception by a serpent with the gift of gab they found themselves disobeying a direct order from God.  What do the creation duo do next?  They do the only sensible thing in their minds; they hide from God in the fear and shame of their sinfulness.

This is illustrated in Genesis 3:8-10 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden.  But the Lord God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’  He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

I notice several things in these short few verses that speak volumes to the love of our heavenly father.  The first thing I notice is that despite our shame and sinfulness God still looks for us where we are hiding.  God is God, He knew exactly what Adam and Eve had done and where they were hiding and he still pursued them.  Adam and Eve hid among the very thing that caused them to sin in the first place, they hid “among the trees in the garden” and God went where they were.  Lastly God knew they were naked the whole time and didn’t fault them for the things they lacked in knowledge (and in this case clothing).  He loved them enough to look for them in their state of shame.

Are you hiding in the garden?  God is still God and he knows that you are naked; he knows you are scared and because of your sinfulness you feel unworthy of having a relationship with him.  There is good news, you are unworthy of God and your sin does separate you from him but he has made a way for you through his son Jesus Christ.  Just like God pursued our first parents in the beginning He is also pursuing you, even in your nakedness.  In Genesis 3:21 God sacrifices an animal to cover our sins and nakedness and gives the animal skins to Adam and Eve to cover up with.  From the beginning there has always had to be innocent bloodshed to cover our deficiency, our sin.  God did this once and for all in the pure and spotless lamb of Jesus Christ, His only son.  God knows you're naked and he has prepared a way for you to cover your shame by the blood of Jesus.  Will you accept his free gift?  Will you come out of hiding or are you going to stay hidden among the trees in the garden?

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Uwharrie Bigfoot Sighting!

I took a trip down to Uwharrie National Forest today with my good friend Robert and we decided to scout out some camp sites for an upcoming event he is hosting. While in the woods we decided to look for the elusive Uwharrie Big Foot...Here's what we found.


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Billy Graham Library Vision For Evangelism Weekend

A few weeks ago I was blessed to have been able to go to the National Apologetics Conference hosted by Southeastern Seminary.  I saw amazing presentations from talented men of God and met several amazing people along the way.  One of the men I met at the conference was a guy named Wayne with the Billy Graham Library.  Wayne talked to me for at least 15 minutes or more and was very genuine and engaging in our conversation.  To be honest he completely was the opposite of what I expected when I walked by the table.  I am used to being visually judged because of the tattoos on my arms and typically am not given half a thought by many people of his generation but after our conversation I realized that I was the judgmental one and had to repent of that.  I am so thankful that God has genuine men and women of God out there that see the spirit of God in believers and not the outer core that we wear as flesh.

Wayne invited me to the Billy Graham Library for their “Vision For Evangelism” weekend and I reluctantly said I would think about it and gave him my info and honestly didn’t really expect to hear back from him.  A few days later I had an email from him asking if I was still interested in going to the vision weekend and I tried to get information out of him about it and it just seemed ambiguous and I was sure they were going to try to sell me something, again me being judgmental and again I had to repent of my wrong thinking.  So I told Wayne I would definitely make the drive down to Charlotte and see what they had to say but I wasn’t sure if I could afford a hotel room since I literally live from sermon to sermon on love offerings.  Again I was shocked and humbled when Wayne said the Billy Graham Association would cover my room and he would send me the reservation numbers as soon as possible.

I began thinking that since God set all these chance meetings up and he funded this trip then God may be orchestrating the whole thing for a reason go figure right.  I was really getting excited for the weekend, even though it was still very shrouded in uncertainty.  I decided that whatever it was it would be an adventure and an opportunity to meet other passionate believers and a free night in a hotel with meals provided, even at that it was going to be worth it.

I was anxious all day Friday and got to the hotel about 2 hours early, checked in to one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in and then just rested for the next hour.  I drove the 2 miles to the Billy Graham Library and got stuck in traffic after I missed my turn so it took me around 25-30 minutes to go the short distance.  I was the first one to arrive and got to walk around the inside of the Billy Graham Library and talk to some maintenance staff.  It was overwhelming from the very beginning.

The Billy Graham Library really isn’t a library at all, I mean yes it has books, but it’s set up more like a museum of evangelism.  It showcases the life of Billy Graham and illustrates that from humble beginnings and devotion to the call of God on one mans life that we can make a great impact for the kingdom of God.  After I’d been in the museum a while I saw the smiling face of Wayne and he remembered my name.  We talked for a few minutes and he was very excited that I came and said that I was the only one that committed to coming from the Apologetics conference.  I definitely felt the providence of God in that moment knowing that many were asked to come to this event but for whatever reason I was the only one from that venue that decided to make the trip.

Several students from Garner Webb University and other schools came to the vision for evangelism weekend and we all met in the lobby of the museum under the big cross shaped doorway.  We talked for a few minutes and Wayne, the historian, gave us some information about the library as well as Billy Graham’s life and then he prayed over the meal we were about to share together.

There were approximately 18 or 19 of us that came to the Vision For Evangelism weekend and the ages ranged from 17-30, me and one other guy being the old men of the group so to speak.  I sat next to some guys from Garner Webb University and we all talked about who we were and where we were from over a fantastic meal provided by the Library staff.  Halfway through our meal the Vice President of the Billy Graham Library, Tom Phillips, came and apologized for his tardiness explaining that he just drove back from a last minute meeting with Franklin Graham.

Tom introduced himself and cast vision for the weekend and explained that we were the first group to ever go through this training weekend and that we would essentially be guinea pigs for the program and they wanted us to critique everything and let them know how it all went, etc.  We all went around the dinner table and gave a quick introduction to everyone else and explained who we were and what we did.  After dinner we went on a tour of the Library that took approximately 2.5 hours to complete.  Wayne guided us on the tour and gave us a brilliant account of the history of Billy Graham’s ministry. We saw artifacts and pictures from the 60+ years of Dr. Graham’s ministry and the heaviness of his words and simplicity of his sermons really weighed on me.  There were several moments during the tour that I felt the Holy Spirit so strong in the building that I just wanted to weep.  I felt so affirmed and confirmed as an evangelist that I just wanted to leave right then and go preach.

I think the thing that struck me the most was that Billy Graham started out his ministry much like mine, just a heart to preach and a desire to please God and a willingness to literally preach anywhere.  I was so amazed and humbled at his devotion to God and it really convicted me about needing to study and pray more than ever to show myself approved by God and to effectively be able to communicate God’s word.  I learned so much during the tour and spent the rest of the night in prayer after I got back to my hotel room as was encouraged by Tom for us to do.  I felt the seriousness and importance of this weekend for me to come up with a vision for my ministry for how I will be evangelizing to the next generation.

I arrived Saturday morning back to the Library about an hour early and decided to walk the grounds and continue to pray in the wood line on one of the park benches.  The property surrounding the Library is simply beautiful, all of it.  Wayne greeted me as I went into Library and when I got to the conference room we were all meeting in Tom met me with another big smile.  Those two men of God are amazing examples of humility, service, and genuine faith in Jesus.  I can’t express my gratitude for their kindness and the love they showed all of us this weekend.  Tom spent the morning teaching us more about Billy Graham’s vision, ministry and the characteristics of Jesus and etc.  It was a great time of learning, praying, and thinking.  Our meeting and lesson would often get interrupted by prayer when the Holy Spirit felt like we had reached saturation we would all stand up, join hands, and pray.  Truly an amazing example of a spirit led meeting.

After lunch we were told that we would need to write down our Vision For Evangelism for the next generation on a certificate that we were to hang up.  Prayerfully this is what I wrote:

My vision for evangelism is to preach the Gospel unashamed like a man already dead.  Preach with a fire and passion that through the Holy Spirit many will be saved by Jesus.  My heart is to be a missional-minded evangelist preaching to all nations and illustrating the glory of God’s creation and power of His salvation.

I felt like that summed up what my vision should and would be for my ministry and my life to come.  Tom asked if anyone wanted to read theirs and after a few people read I decided to read mine.  Knowing my testimony, after I read my vision Tom said “Not bad…for an atheist.”  I busted out laughing, as did most everyone else, it was truly a great testament to the genuine personalities of the staff at the Billy Graham Library.  Very down to earth.

They gave us a plaque with a replica nail that pierced the hands of Jesus, 2 certificates (one being our vision), several books and an experience that will last a lifetime.  I walked away from this weekend humbled, fired up, affirmed and more passionate than ever to preach the Good News of the Gospel of Christ!  If you are ever in the Charlotte area, I challenge and encourage you to prayerfully go visit the Billy Graham Library and take the time to soak up the experience and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and ask Him what His vision for evangelism is for you in your life.

Mobilize Your Faith Sermon Audio

This is a sermon I preached on Oct 21 2012 at Generations Church in Lewisville, NC.  I preach on Mobilizing your faith using several verses to include:  Ezekiel 37, Ephesians 6:10-20, Jude 1:3, Matthew 11:12, Matthew 28:18 and etc I just go the audio today and it is a timely message that works even better on this Veteran's day than it even did the day I preached it, enjoy!

[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

Here is a link to the written version on the blog: