Do You Carry The Light Inside You?

Do you carry the light inside of you? As believers in Christ we are called to be the light of the world like it speaks of in Matthew 5:14-16. If Christ is in fact inside of us then we should proclaim his name and let that light shine in this dark world. Look at the firefly, or as we call them in the south, Lightening bugs. They are set apart and different from other insects because they, like Christ followers, carry the light inside of them. So as summer darkness creeps in you can see the flashing beauty of these tiny bugs. Amid the blackness there is light. No matter how dark it is outside when these little guys flash it illuminates the darkness. 

That is how we as Christians should be in this dark world. Our individual lights for Christ may be the only things shining out amid the darkness that surrounds us. So when you see these little light wielding creations give thanks to God for the light he has bestowed upon us as believers and let that light shine for him. 

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