Do You Have Faith Like a Frog?

Do you have faith like a frog?  

         Did you know that some frogs take care of their babies?  The male Blue Jeans Dart Frog (Dendrobates pumilio) actually carries his babies on his back to deposit them in suitable habitats, like the funnels of bromeliad plants.  He does this because, as a loving father should, he cares how his children will grow up.  Do you know that our heavenly father does the same thing?  He cares how we will grow up and helps to place us in the right habitat so that we will be able to grow up and do His will.  Do you have faith like a frog?  Do you believe that the Father has got you taken care of? 

       Just like in the case of baby Blue Jeans frogs, we must rely on the knowledge of the father, have faith the he has our best interest at heart, and hold on for the ride.  If this little frog cares for his children, think about how much more our heavenly father cares about us.  So I will ask you again, do you have faith like a frog?  (Matthew 6:25-34)


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Stan Lake—Catching Creation