Jellyfish Don't Have Backbones, Do You?

Jellyfish Don’t Have Backbones, Do You?  


Have you ever really looked at the nature and body type of a jellyfish?  They are what’s called an invertebrate, which simply means they have no backbone.  How many times do we as believers operate more like invertebrates with no backbone in the face of spiritual adversity?   Jesus is calling us to stand up for him and loudly proclaim our faith, not just the things that are comfortable and easy to digest.  Matthew 11:12 says From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.” 

            If you have seen a jellyfish in it’s own environment it moves effortlessly and if approached it will sting you with its tentacles.  Once it washes up on shore, out of it’s comfort zone, it no longer has much of a defense and will ultimately die in the sun.  They just don’t have the ability to stand up and walk back into the sea; their tentacles are good for quick defense but useless for moving on land.  Jesus is calling us to be less like jellyfish and more like men such as John the Baptist.  We need to be willing to take the Kingdom of Heaven by force and stand up for Christ both in and out of our element.  Christ made us vertebrates (with backbones) in His image, let’s start acting like it!


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