Meet The Team

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of the guys that are a part of the Catching Creation ministry team and to showcase some of their talents.  These guys will occasionally make an onscreen appearance during video shoots. If you have the Catching Creation Volume 2 DVD you will remember the end of the Farm Episode where Daniel Charles smashed me in the face with an egg.  The Catching Creation On The Road Episode at the Creation Museum in Cincinnati showed Chance Feimster playing his didgeridoo. Lastly, our newest member, Stephen LaVine, will most definitely make an appearance on the Volume 3 DVD both as a musician and reptile enthusiast.  I am happy to say that the Lord has truly blessed me with this group of guys and we all share a similar heart and vision for ministry.


Daniel Charles and I served in Iraq together back in 2005-2006 and he and I began this ministry together in 2009.  We have been filming wildlife and shenanigans together since our deployment and got in quite a bit of trouble together all in the name of fun.  Daniel actually ministered to me while we were together in Iraq and ultimately helped to lead me to the Lord after we got home.  Initially I scoffed at his idea of adding scripture to our animal documentaries once I became a believer but the Lord had other plans and ultimately we discovered that adding the scriptural analogies was the missing link we were lacking all along.  Daniel has been a faithful Sunday School teacher for many years and his students will often be our guinea pigs so to speak when we film new material.  They are brutally honest, trust me!  Daniel is an accomplished artist and if you click his picture above it will direct you to his art Facebook page.  I encourage you to "like" the page and perhaps even purchase some art.


Chance Feimster and I met over a year ago through a craigslist purchase of some cane toads.  When we completed our parking lot transaction and I put the toads in my vehicle I felt like I should give him one of my DVDs and explain to him what I needed the animals for and what I did as a ministry.  He seemed very interested and in that moment I knew he was supposed to be a part of this team.  Over the last year and half or so Chance has grown tremendously as a young minister and has even started doing his own live animal ministry presentations.  He is mature beyond his years and I am truly excited to see what God is doing in his life.  Chance is quite the photographer too, if you click his picture you will be directed to his photography Facebook page and I'm betting you will be impressed with his wildlife photography!

Stephen LaVine

Stephen LaVine is the newest member of our team and I couldn't be happier that Jesus directed him to Catching Creation.  Stephen found the very first Catching Creation video I ever posted on my old YouTube account about marbled salamanders and 2 Cor 5:17 and he messaged me telling me how much he enjoyed it.  We met up not to long after he messaged me to go hiking and we both shared our hearts for ministry and I knew immediately he would be a part of this team.  Not only is Stephen a talented videographer and musician, he also leads worship at his church.  His humility and servants heart for ministry is a breath of fresh air.  We literally became instant friends and I am encouraged to know that this ministry is reaching people just like Stephen.  When you click on Stephen's picture you will be directed to his music Facebook page and you will truly be blessed by the purity of his worship songs.

The CC Crew

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