Reptiles, Amphibians, Children and Chicken Nuggets...Oh My!

Recently I had the pleasure (no pun intended) of doing an animal presentation at a local Chick Fil A restaurant. I decided that since this would be strictly an animal show and tell I would bring several more animals than I normally do for my Gospel presentations. I brought around 5 distinctly different corn snake morphs, a fire bellied toad, cane toad, tortoises, newt, whites tree frog, leopard gecko, and many more! My tortoises did what they normally do when I take them to presentations and that is they defecated inside of their travel enclosure and made quite the mess. So I found myself washing out a container and a couple of tortoises in the Chick Fil A bathroom right before the family night presentation started. Do you know anyone else that has washed a tropical tortoise in a fast food restaurant sink? Didn't think so. The show went very well and I got to answer questions and let kids see and pet all sorts of reptiles and amphibians and I made it very clear that they could not leave my area of the restaurant before they used hand sanitizer. I didn't want their spicy chicken sandwiches to have the dreaded salmonella spice too.