Blessings Among Thorns

I love hiking and just listening to the silence of the woods.  Today while on the trail I stopped in the middle of a meadow full of briars, thorns and brambles and noticed tiny sparrows and finches effortlessly navigating through the tough spots and not complaining (metaphorically) about their tough situation but using it and seeing it as a catalyst for something good, ie their provision and food. 

Would You Drink From A Birdbath?

Would You Drink From A Birdbath?

Have you ever watched a bird joyfully roll around in a birdbath after a summer rain?  It is quite the experience.  The bird seems to not have a care in the world and almost seems to enjoy its soak.  Birds will use anything from a shallow puddle to a store-bought birdbath from your local hardware store.  As long as it has water in it they will utilize it.  A birdbath will be filled every time it rains or an attentive birdwatcher fills the bath.  The water just sits there in the reservoir, constantly being refilled but never flowing out.  This leads to stagnation and some of the nastiest water one can imagine.

Jesus says in John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."  How many times as believers in Jesus do we just want to be like the birdbath and constantly just filled, filled, filled to boost up our own spirit?  The nature of being a true believer is more like the stream.  The spirit lives in us and flows through us.  A stream is constant, both being filled and being poured out, unlike the birdbath.  To a world dying for something fresh and life giving to drink, we as believers should be offering water from streams of living water and not being so self-centered that we only care about filling our personal birdbath.  Would you drink form a birdbath?

Crimson Rosella

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