Who Is Todd The Toad?

Who Is Todd The Toad?

Back in 2012 I wrote a children's book called "The Not So Ordinary Journey Of Todd The Toad" about a poor albino toad how gets bullied by everyone around him because he looks so different.  October is Bullying Awareness month and I'm proud to say that for once my timing isn't too bad.  I have reformatted this cute little book and made it available on Amazon, Kindle, and Amazon Createspace so ordering it is easier than ever.  If you know someone who could use some encouragement or you have a young reader who likes animals and a great story then I highly suggest you check out Todd and his journey!

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Todd The Toad Reformat 8.5 Cover

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Anti-Bullying Program With Snakes

I was able to partner with L.I.T. City youth and do an Anti-Bullying program with my snakes at Wiley Middle School in Winston Salem NC 

We got to shoot this in a middle school gym so please forgive the audio quality.  During the course of the program we talked about animals that have been bullied since the beginning of time, the snakes.  Hognose snakes would hypothetically get picked on by other snakes because of their funny looking noses but the thing that makes them stand out is what makes them special.  I talked about the adaptations of the hognose that help it overcome being bullied (or preyed upon) by other animals.  I used corn snake morphs to talk about genetic diversity and how the differences between the snakes are only skin deep.  Lastly I used a large boa constrictor to illustrate the heaviness of what we are carrying around when we are bullied and that if we partner with someone else we can help share the burden and turn our hurt into hope.  I hope you enjoy this and if you're interested in having Catching Creation at your public school feel free to contact Info@CatchingCreation.com


Todd The Toad

Have you ever felt completely different from everyone else around you?  Have you ever been made the object of ridicule because of your differences?  Todd the Toad is a book about just that!  It follows the journey of a Toad named Todd who was born different. Todd gets bullied by his peers and this makes him feel really bad.  Todd decides to go on a journey to find happiness only to find out that his differences make everyone around him treat him badly.  Todd the toad has a hard time making friends.  I wonder if he will ever make friends?  Order your copy today and see how the story unfolds.  Click the picture OR "buy now" button to purchase your copy for $10 plus shipping.  This would be a great book for a young reader in the 2nd-6th grade range as well as a great book to read to your younger children.