Are You On The Right Path?

 Are You On The Right Path?


Have you ever heard the statement “all paths lead to God?”  I was recently hiking at a place I had not previously hiked before and realized I didn’t know which path actually led to the place I wanted to go.  If I used the logic that all paths would lead me to the goal I set out to find, I can only imagine where I would end up.  The problem with that statement is that all paths eventually do lead to God, but all paths don’t allow you to stay in his presence.  We will all be judged for the actions and choices we make in this life and we will all eventually meet the creator of the universe, so in that regard I can agree that all paths lead to God.  The problem is, however, if we don’t accept Jesus and are cleansed of our sins by his blood, God’s justice requires that we will be eternally separated from His presence.  It's not God's wish that any of us spend eternity in Hell but we are already condemned if we don't accept the free gift of salvation He sent by way of his crucified son.

Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” God has given us a way out, a way to the right path, through His son Jesus Christ.  We have the opportunity in this life to be forgiven and placed back in right standing with God if we accept the sacrifice of His son.  If you’re seeking to find the right path and don’t want to just be lost in the woods, I encourage you to look to Jesus.  He is the way, the only way!  Are you on the right path?

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Mobilize Your Faith Sermon Audio

This is a sermon I preached on Oct 21 2012 at Generations Church in Lewisville, NC.  I preach on Mobilizing your faith using several verses to include:  Ezekiel 37, Ephesians 6:10-20, Jude 1:3, Matthew 11:12, Matthew 28:18 and etc I just go the audio today and it is a timely message that works even better on this Veteran's day than it even did the day I preached it, enjoy!

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Here is a link to the written version on the blog: