Garter Snake In My Back Yard

Woo Hoo!  After working on my back yard habitat a bit and mowing tonight I found a beautiful garter snake!  Check out the video below.  Leave a comment on the video on youtube about all the cool things you're finding in your backyard.

Salamanders Of South Carolina

In this Catching Creation episode we travel to the highlands of northern South Carolina in search of Salamanders. This episode is featured on the Catching Creation Volume 3 DVD

"suit of lights" by Yosemite Mudflap
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Other music By The Eager Seas

Stephen LaVine

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More Costa Rica Clips

As I edit my Volume 3 DVD over the next week or so be prepared to start seeing more from my Costa Rica trip back in August.  This DVD is shaping up quite nicely so far and I've barely scratched the surface!

Feeding American Crocodiles in Costa Rica quick clip:


Finding my First Central American Caecilian:




Ringneck Snakes, Flat tires, and Shenanigans

In this short episode you get to see some of the other faces involved with Catching Creation. We all met in Union Grove, NC at Chance Feimster's house. Daniel Charles, Chance, Thomas LaVine and myself all loaded up in a small truck and went looking for snakes at some tin spots in Iredale county. We had quite a bit of fun initiating Thomas for his first time on camera, we found a ringneck snake, and got a flat tire. It was an adventure for sure.