Vision For Catching Creation

I want Catching Creation to be much more than just another idle thing people watch or participate in online and I want this to become something that makes a difference in the world.  I feel like Catching Creation as a whole is about 3 specific things.  I believe our core values are Evangelism, Conservation, and Missions.  I believe that when given a platform one should use their voice to benefit others in as many ways as possible.  Don't just use the platform to make noise, but actually say something.  The message I want Catching Creation to communicate with our videos is simple, Love God, Love People, and Love what God created.  I believe this year God will do great things with this ministry.  I believe that this will be the year that I finally get to film in the rainforest of Costa Rica.  I believe this will be the year that my animal show will peak the interest of the key players necessary to make this dream a reality and i believe we will have great impact for the Kingdom.

I want to cast this vision because I believe that if you ask not you have not and so as of now I am laying out the vision so that I can build on the foundation I have been constructing these last 8 or so years.   Although I have only been filming under the banner of Catching Creation since 2009, I have been filming videos of this nature (no pun intended) since around 2003 and doing wildlife photography for years prior to that.

I want to travel the world as a missional minded evangelistic pastor with a heart for good stewardship and conservation.  I want to weave in stories of people serving God in other countries, people in need, animals in peril, the beauty of Creation all in one package that can be summed up as Catching Creation.  I truly believe that our show, Catching Creation, will be a hit some day and I do believe that it goes way beyond just a cooky animal show.  I believe that God put this vision in my heart and he designed me for this specific purpose.

I also believe that in the next several years I will be able to plant a church.  I know what you're thinking, "great not another church plant in a country over saturated with churches," but I would merely ask you to consider what planting a church even means or has to look like.  My vision is to "plant" a Reptile and Amphibian park in the Winston Salem area of North Carolina that would function as an avenue to employ people who were passionate about people and passionate about animals.  As a staff we would minister to one another both in word and deed, we would have bible studies on sundays and would pray each day both for the patrons of the zoo as well as the animals housed within the zoo.

We would be a team qualified NOT by degrees on the wall or titles on our names, but a passion to do something bigger than ourselves and a knowledge that ONLY Jesus could have made it all happen.  My hearts desire it so love the city and teach them about the wonderful things God created in a way that wasn't so much a verbal sermon but more a life lived out in full display of the grace and glory of God.  We would have daily Catching Creation presentations where the entire Gospel would be laid out through an entertaining and engaging presentation with live animals.

We would have staff members whose only job was to walk around the park and engage people, encourage them and teach them about the animals housed on our facility.  The experience would be educational as well as spiritual and people would leave feeling loved and struck with a new love for the awe of creation.  That is my vision in a nutshell.

Please continue to pray for me as I feel like one thing leads to the next.  I do believe that our animal documentary series, Catching Creation, will gain momentum and would have a permanent home base at the zoo.  I also believe we will still be able to travel to churches and schools and wherever God sends us to speak.  I believe that doors will open both foreign and domestic and we will be able to film interesting animals and amazing people all over the world.  I believe that God is pleased when we take the time to stop and observe the miracle that is his creation.